Volunteerism & Leadership Development

Bridgers Association Cameroon welcomes volunteers from all corners of the world, to work with our organisation to promote gender equity/justice through the empowerment of vulnerable women and girls. 

Our Story

Individuals with a specific interest in one of our programs, as well as those with a more general interest in assisting Bridgers Association with its work, are invited to volunteer with us onsite in Cameroon, without placement fees, as well as online.

Leadership development is integral to Bridgers’ volunteer program. Volunteers are given the opportunity to create projects in alignment with Bridgers’ mission, before submitting funding proposals and implementing the projects themselves. Communication, organisation and teamwork will all be strengthened through volunteering, and are fundamental aspects of successful leadership. 

Both onsite and online volunteering is flexible and can be undertaken concurrently with other jobs and commitments. Onsite volunteers will also have time to immerse themselves in Cameroon, known as ‘Africa in miniature’, due to its cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity.

We are keen to receive individual or groups of students from universities within Cameroon and abroad. After signing a Memorandum of Understanding, students would be welcome to volunteer or complete internships with us. Universities and students themselves are encouraged to enquire. 

Please contact us today if you are interested in volunteering with us, we would love to hear from you.

I felt very comfortable while volunteering at Bridgers Association, they gave me the opportunity to engage with a diverse set of beneficiaries in different projects. I gained very much knowledge from this NGO. I am humbled, thank you.
David Altrath
Volunteer (German)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two international airports in Cameroon. 

Yaounde Nsimalen International Airport is just a one hour drive from Bridgers Association, and Bridgers’ team will be available to pick you up from the airport.

Douala International Airport is around a 4 hour drive from Bridgers Association.

The currency used in Cameroon is the Central African Franc (CFA). 

Other currencies, such as Euro, United States Dollar, Pound Sterling and Japanese Yen can all be exchanged for CFA during your stay in Cameroon.

At the time of writing (Jan 2023), the rough currency conversions are as follows:

1 Euro = 650 CFA

1 USD = 610 CFA

1 GBP = 740 CFA

1 JPY = 4.62 CFA


A working week with Bridgers Association is very flexible, and depends on each volunteer’s individual situation.

If a volunteer would like to, they are welcome to work the full week from Monday – Friday with Bridgers Association. 

However, we understand that volunteers also may have their own time/working commitments online, and these can be accommodated into your work with Bridgers Association. Whatever working arrangement you choose to use, there will still be ample time to explore Cameroon and also relax and recuperate.


For reference, a 5km journey into Yaounde city would cost roughly 1500 CFA.