Community Healthcare Outreach: HIV/AIDS & Malaria


Last week, Bridgers Association visited Kake and Essougly, two villages in the commune of Ntui. Residents of neighbouring villages Onguesseh and Nkouloutou also travelled to attend our healthcare outreach program. Educational talks were delivered in both communities on the transmission, prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS and malaria. In combination with these talks, we carried out HIV testing and malaria testing for symptomatic children.

90 HIV tests were administered, 58 and 32 in Kake and Essougly respectively, and 6 young children were treated for malaria after testing positive. 

For the future prevention of these diseases, male and female condoms were distributed to all individuals, as well as insecticide-treated bed nets to pregnant women/mothers of young children, due to the increased risk they face if they were to contract malaria.


Educational Healthcare Presentations in Schools


As part of the first phase of our healthcare program, we recently visited Mario Academy Complex and Christian Comprehensive Secondary School, to deliver HIV/AIDS and malaria presentations. 

The presentations focused on the transmission, prevention, testing and treatment of HIV/AIDS and malaria and facilitated question & answer sessions for the students to raise any queries they had.


Healthcare Projects


Bridgers Association is proud to announce two concurrent healthcare projects, which are to be implemented in the coming weeks.  

HIV sensitisation workshops will be carried out in local schools, alongside HIV testing and linkage to care, and distribution of condoms. Educational malaria workshops will be carried out in communities, with insecticide-treated bed nets being distributed, and malaria testing and treatment for symptomatic children. 


Bridgers Welcomes Dan!


Bridgers Association are delighted to welcome Dan Blackman, a volunteer from England. Dan will be working with us for 6 weeks during January and February 2023, predominantly on our healthcare projects.


Happy New Year!

Wishing all our partners, supporters and followers a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support in 2022, and we look forward to what is to come during 2023.