Volunteering opportunities

Bridgers Association Cameroon welcomes volunteers from all corners of the world, to work with our organisation to promote gender equity/justice through the empowerment of vulnerable women and girls.

Individuals with a specific interest in one of our programs, as well as those with a more general interest in assisting Bridgers Association with its work, are invited to volunteer with us onsite in Cameroon, without placement fees, as well as online. 

Leadership development is integral to Bridgers’ volunteer program. Volunteers are given the opportunity to create projects in alignment with Bridgers’ mission, before submitting funding proposals and implementing the projects themselves. Communication, organisation and teamwork will all be strengthened through volunteering, and are fundamental aspects of successful leadership. 

Both onsite and online volunteering is flexible and can be undertaken concurrently with other jobs and commitments. Onsite volunteers will also have time to immerse themselves in Cameroon, known as ‘Africa in miniature’, due to its cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity.

We are keen to receive individual or groups of students from universities within Cameroon and abroad. After signing a Memorandum of Understanding, students would be welcome to volunteer or complete internships with us. Universities and students themselves are encouraged to enquire. 

Volunteers with technological expertise of any kind are encouraged to enquire.

Volunteers with experience of project management, especially in development, are encouraged to enquire.

Volunteers with expertise in marketing are encouraged to enquire, for their potential utility in our social media and marketing campaigns.

Volunteers with experience of teaching are encouraged to enquire, for their potential utility within our educational programs.

You can volunteer to work as a fund raiser for Bridgers Association’s projects or for general support. This could be possible wherever you are. Thus, you may choose to volunteer either online or onsite. 

Volunteers with experience of agriculture or farming are encouraged to enquire, for their potential utility within the Bridgers’ Farm.

All experiences could be of use to Bridgers Association and as such we would appreciate all enquiries!

We are happy you want to join us

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