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COVID-19 Response: With the outbreak of this deadly virus, our team at Bridgers Association Cameroon is mobilized and providing assistance in local communities to fight and prevent the further spread of COVID-19. We are mainstreaming COVID-19 into all our programmes and projects.

Your support will enable many people to benefit from our work.

Who We Are

Bridgers Association Cameroon is a registered Non-Profit Organization with  a mission to empower vulnerable women/girls to create an environment in which both men and women enjoy equity, contribute and benefit as equal partners without any barriers.

We attain our mission through advocacy, education and sensitization of  the society, donations, awareness campaigns and deliver resource support.

´Accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Bridgers flexibly works with new and innovative individuals and partners who are  passionate about providing solutions to the challenges vulnerable people  and communities face.

What We Do

Seen above: The High Commissioner of Canada to Cameroon H.E Richard Bale receives Birdgers Team in his office led by Madam Azah Jackline (General Coordinator)

This meeting was a milestone as it established a fruitful partnership between Canada and Bridgers Association Cameroon.

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Latest News

‘The Bridgers Farms’ in Positive Progress

This project is an ongoing agricultural scheme which involves the cultivation of food crops such as plantains; cassava; as well as economic trees including cocoa; avocado; pineapple; mango; plum; guava; tangerine; coconut; soursop; oranges; moringa as well as sugar cane.

The goal of this agricultural initiative is to realize a resource farm containing the above mentioned crops and trees that will for all times serve as an avenue for training vulnerable women and agric students in Cameroon on sustainable commercial agriculture. This farm shall equally serve as seeds bank for such beneficiary women to enable them establish their own individual farms for their economic empowerment. Part of the profits from the sales will be used to support vulnerable children as scholarships in school.

The Bridgers Farms provides adequate space for tree nurseries, some of the economic trees already nursed in this farm will be planted in different school milieus accompanied by environmental education lessons passed on to the pupils and students of the beneficiary schools within the Center Region of Cameroon. In addition, the proceeds realized from this farm shall go a long way to ensure the sustainability of the activities of our Organization and subsequent reinvestment in to the farm.

Call to Action

So far, the vast farm land has been acquired; the plantain; cassava, pineapple and economic trees planted, however, to maximize crop survival and output/harvest, there is the need to install an irrigation system in this farm to ensure that crops have enough water and prevent the effects of drought, and most importantly, soil friendly fertilizers and pesticides/fungicides permanently required.

To prevent post-harvest losses, we intent to put in place solar dryers and other machinery for cassava and plantain transformation.

There is equally the need for workers to be deployed to take care of the crops as they grow.

Both human and financial resources are required to carry out environmental education in schools involving the planting of economic trees. We intend to gain a larger market by exporting both natural and transformed plantains/cassava (plantain chips and cassava flour) to countries within Africa and beyond.

If you are moved and feel you can assist at any level, please do well to get in touch for further details on the way forward. Email:

If you wish to volunteer with The Bridgers Farms or in other projects with Bridgers Association Cameroon, you are welcome to joining us by applying through:

Collaboration is the best way to achieve valuable impact.

Bridgers and JWF WASH Project is Completed in Kake Cameroon

Bridgers Association Cameroon just completed a Japan Water Forum funded project on WASH in the locality of Kake-Ntui in the Center Region of Cameroon.

This project project has improved and provided clean and safe drinking water to a over a thousand people in a community where they have never in their lives known clean water. This community also within the context of the project benefited COVID-19 sensitization as well as WASH kits donations thanks to Bridgers and JWF 2020 funding.  

Fighting Covid-19 in Schools:

June 1, 2020, our team was out on a Sensitization campaign against COVID-19 in Ayungha Bilingual Comprehensive High School Yaounde Cameroon. With support from Becker/Cordes Stiftung Germany, we carried out educative talks on COVID-19 with special focus on the barrier measures and donated hygiene and sanitation kits to the school administration as well hand sanitizers to the students. We drilled both teachers and students through practical demonstration on proper techniques of hand washing with soap.


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