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'Empowering for Development'


To promote and protect the rights of vulnerable women and girls.


We envision a world where all women enjoy equity and inclusion.

Core Values

The following values are central to our operations to ensure our Integrity: Accountability, Empathy, Humanity, Solidarity, Equity and Inclusive Diversity.

About us

“Advancement, improvement in condition is the order of things in a society of equals” – Abraham Lincoln. Our passion therefore is in providing the knowledge and connecting women and girls with the right resources and opportunities to see them thrive and become useful assets for themselves and their communities.

Our goal is to bridge the barriers to women and girls’ potentiality.
Our Programs
At Bridgers, we work on the following key programs:

Facilitating inclusive and equitable quality education.

Increasing knowledge of strategies to nurture the environment.

Prevention of malnutrition and its effects on cognitive and physical development.

Empowering communities to sustainably generate nourishment and wealth from agriculture.

Enabling vulnerable women to pursue economic opportunities and become financially autonomous.

Enhancing volunteer’s leadership capabilities through program implementation.

Working with men and women to change attitudes towards gender and reduce gender-based violence.

Improving practices and changing perspectives to increase sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Come join us

When grassroots women get involved and speak out about what their problems are, the solutions are bound to come out without stress. Bridgers gets them on board. We let them prioritize their needs and the challenges faced. This is needs based assessment!


We organize inclusive events for Women & Girls


1 February 2023

HIV/AIDS and malaria outreach and testing in rural communities. 

23 January 2023

Presentations on HIV/AIDS and malaria in Yaounde schools.

10 January 2023

Two concurrent healthcare projects are to be implemented in the coming weeks.  

Our impact
Influencing the way people, organisations, and movements think and act.
Some of our partners


"I was able to send my two children to school this academic year and pay their fees and buy their needs with ease thanks to the startup capital I received from Bridgers. I am indeed grateful and will continue to work hard."
Ladi Adamu
"I felt very comfortable while volunteering at Bridgers Association, they gave the opportunity to engage with diverse set of beneficiaries in different projects. I gained very much knowledge from this NGO. I am humbled, thank you"
David Altrath
Volunteer (German)
"For the first time ever, we are able to drink clean water in our community thanks to Bridgers Association in partnership with Japan Water Forum. Thank you Bridgers for making this a reality. Continue to be the light in many other communities"
Alima Appolinaire
Village Traditional Ruler
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