Environmental Protection


Nearly everyone in the world is experiencing the pains of climate change and global warming in one way or another. Climate change and global warming are no doubt the effects of human misuse of the environment. Cameroon like the rest of the world is not exempted, in Cameroon today there is a big negative shift from the natural order of things: While some parts of the country are experiencing long periods of unexpected droughts caused by extensive scorching sun; other parts witness damaging floods caused by heavy downpours. All these conditions either leave inhabitants homeless; incur both human and property loss; close down businesses due to destruction of business premises and property or cause low rates of agricultural outputs amounting to acute famine across the country and ill health to make matters even worse. 

Amidst the climate crisis in the country; women and children suffer disproportionately as compared to men. Often, the rural women are in charge of cultivating the majority of food stuff consumed in Cameroon, as such with the climatic conditions being unpredictable and shifting to a negative direction these rural farming women who depend solely on their local agriculture to earn a living are left stranded. Rural farming women especially single mothers and widows now find it difficult to educate their children; cater for basic needs of the family and access health care. Equally, women and children in both rural and urban communities are charged with the daily task of fetching water for the family, unfortunately with the reoccurrence of floods and extensive droughts in most parts of the country accessing portable drinking water becomes a nightmare; as such these women and children are forced to trek long distances in to the forests with all the risks of either being raped or chased/eaten by wild animals involved.


  • To ignite catalyzing strategies; mobilize enabling resources/tools that will contribute in reversing the chronic and damaging effects of climate change in Cameroon and the world at large.
  • To accelerate the finding of sustainable solutions to environmental degradation by engaging all and sundry in the train of environmental protection their ages or backgrounds notwithstanding.
  • To build strong “green networks” between civil societies and businesses globally to foster social cohesion in the aspect of knowledge sharing geared towards solving critical environmental problems. 
  • Promote the use of clean energy to replace traditional energy that pollutes the environment.
  • Mainstream gender in the fight against environmental injustice.
  • Carryout effective continuous environmental education supported by the planting of trees within urban/semi urban/rural communities and schools.
  • Galvanize and build partnerships that will ensure timely interventions to prevent further environmental hazards and equally rescue human sufferings already caused by natural disasters. 
ongoing efforts

We are one of the lead Organizations in Cameroon championing environmental education and tree planting in schools and communities in a bit to curb global warming and put all parties on the alert to watch their actions towards causing environmental harm from the very tender ages.


We are setting the pace for sustainable agricultural practices by establishing a resource farm within rural communities taking the form of echo gardens for the enhancement of ecosystem preservation.


We lack the resources to provide
clean energy such as solar lamps to light up homes of underprivileged single
mothers/widows with children attending school to improve on their home studying
abilities and consequential performance at school.


But for the resources we would have
wished to provide solar dryers to women farming groups in rural communities to
assist them dry their food stuffs in not only an environmentally friendly
manner but equally respecting better hygiene conditions; in order to ensure
food preservation by reducing post-harvest lost and thus fighting hunger;
poverty and acute malnutrition.

If resources are made available, we
shall train the youth especially young women who are school dropouts or single mothers or victims of child marriages who have been made child mothers in to the production of ecological charcoal by making use of refuse to replace the varied types of fossil fuels put to use which are rather pollutive in both urban and rural settings; as such, reducing deforestation and environmental degradation.


Your in kind and or in cash support
will go a long way to save a life while saving the environment. Join us!

For a long time now, environmental and sustainable development issues have been intrinsically linked to the notion of future. The threat on our planet is real and present. However, the battle to ensure its preservation is our legacy to future generations.
Hele Pierre
Cameroon Minister for the Environment, Protection of Nature and Sustainable Development


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