Bridgers Association Cameroon


Health Awareness

Basically our health program is designed to cater for the needs of underprivileged persons who can hardly access health care as well as knowledge on the prevention of diseases like HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and Sexually Transmissible Infections.

Bridgers Association Cameroon is equally concern with educating and raising awareness on issues of sexual and reproductive health rights among women and young girls in Cameroon. Click this link and follow our ongoing project in this area.

When it comes to diseases, we intervene at three basic levels:

  1. Prevention: We carry out awareness building on the existence, and ways of preventing contraction of these diseases. We carry out school programs and initiate door to door campaigns in communities and the distribution of flyers and the raising of posters with captivating messages on HIV/AIDS.
  2. Care: Here, we assist patients to access health care and proper treatment.
  3. Support: We help patients leaving with these diseases and facilitate their access to treatment. We also act as liaison between health facilities and patients.