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The Importance of Practical Skills: Volunteer and Increase your Chances to Gain a Job in the Labour-Market

We have an ongoing project, which aims to eliminate unemployment in Cameroon and increase their chances on the job-market. On the 30.04.2019, we launched the first step of this project. The secondary school Ayunghah High School in Ngousso was delighted to be the first school, hosting our project.  We reached out to more than 600 students and sensitized them on the importance of internships and the concept of volunteering.

The Labour-market in Cameroon is highly competitive and marked by a high unemployment rate. Many young people remain jobless after their graduation.

Beside a good education, most employers demand a lot of working-experience and practical expertise. And this is where many young people fail: They mostly think, they can only get that experience and skills through paid labour/jobs, which they don’t succeed getting because they lack skills and experience.

But there are other ways of attaining working experiences which will increase their chances on the labour market: To do internships and engage in volunteering.

Many young people do not consider unpaid work and do not realize the importance of practical skills and the great opportunity they miss out. They think university certificates are enough, but they are clearly not.  University Diplomas and Certificates are important, but they are limited and mostly teach theoretical and somehow abstract knowledge.

From a small survey that we conducted, about only 17% of the students (mostly the older ones) have engaged in volunteering or internships (In total 15 students out of 75 have done internships/volunteering.  Female: 8 out of 42; Male: 7 out of 33)

While doing internships and volunteering, one can get insights and learn about the structure and functioning of an enterprise/institution.

Engaging in community-work, volunteering in NGO-work, allows one to learn a bride scope of social and professional skills and become more confident and an asset to the world.

Another issue is that very often, young people are not taught much while doing internships and mostly end up doing photocopies, buying snacks or doing other minor work which do not teach them anything. Some youths argue that they end up wasting valuable time.

Bridgers Association Cameroon encourage young people to insist on learning, to be daring and courageous. To not sit and wait but take initiative and claim their right to learn and take over responsibility.

This is an ongoing project which shall be taken to more secondary schools and Universities to reach the wider public. Bridgers Association Cameroon is strategizing to work on this project for the next 5 years and we shall together evaluate the results.

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