Bridgers Association Cameroon


To empower women/girls to create an environment in which both men and women enjoy equity, contribute and benefit as equal partners without any barriers.


To propel women/girls to become socio-economically viable so as to minimize dependence which makes them chronically vulnerable to all forms of violence against them.


We have the vision for a level ground where all women/girls would have equal access to  resources to enable them realize their full potential, their sex, age, disability, colour/race, country  and financial backgrounds notwithstanding.

“Our passion is in providing the knowledge and connecting women and girls with the right resources and opportunities that can see them thrive and become useful assets for themselves and their communities.”


Bridgers Association Cameroon was hatched from an embittered and miserable life experience/story of its co-founder Azah Jackline Chey who grew as a miserable orphan after loosing her Father at the age of 7 years.   Azah tell girls …“If I made it, then, you too can make it” 
Jackline actually struggled to raise herself as a minor not because her Father died living behind no inheritance but because she was considered less important by her step brothers simply because she was a girl child. What kept her going was the fact that she was persistent in attaining higher education, her anxiety and low self confidence notwithstanding. Today she nurtures the esteems of young girls and women in realizing their full potential. Thanks to her life experiences and story, she inspired hope and motivation for the decision to create a non-governmental, non-profit Civil Society organization that was to champion the empowerment of women to stand against any form of gender based violence and promote human and community development. Thus, working towards achieving UN Agenda 2030 on the Sustainable development Goals and Africa Union Agenda 2063. Today, Bridgers Association Cameroon is  impacting the lives of thousands of beneficiaries in Vulnerable and under served communities in Cameroon through its work and projects and across the globe through its online presence as well as sensitization campaigns on social media.
Jackline who holds a Master Degree in International Law (LLM) is a mighty symbol against social injustice and gender based violence.
Together with Mr. Abai Victor Asondo (Co-Founder), they are pulling their resources together for the greater benefit of the female folks. Abai Victor is a professional Teacher and Jurist who has dedicated a quarter of his earnings and experience as a teacher to support the work of Bridgers Association Cameroon as a non-profit.



Gender inequality will only come to an end when contributing courses are target on the mindset of children, men and women, extending to countering vexing deeply rooted customs and tradition amalgamated with national, regional and international perspectives. For gender inequality to be exterminated therefore advocacy for mindset/policy change is pivotal at all levels in conjunction with Coordinated efforts to give every girl child the chance to study, her religion, her nationality, cultural and financial backgrounds notwithstanding. To cause custodians and practitioners of barbaric practices against girls/women to have a rethink, committed and passionate team as well as resources are to be mobilize to ensure economic empowerment of both victims and perpetrators so as to ensure a sustainable scalable impact. Therefore, education, advocacy and economic empowerment of women/girls are key to ending a vicious cycle of poverty and ignorance which are the core causes of gender inequalities in Cameroon, Africa and the world. And of course Partnership is the greatest resource to achieving gender equality globally and the SDGs entirely.


Everywhere in the world and specifically in Africa women/girls still undergo gender inequalities despite national, regional and International efforts: Women/girls still undergo physical and sexual violence within domestic settings as well as forced and early marriages which are practices still deeply rooted in customs and tradition from time immemorial. Women are still poorly represented in political and managerial position. In this modern world most girls in Africa still go through the pains of barbaric rituals such as FGM and Breast ironing which exposes them and increase their vulnerability to deadly diseases such as HIV/AIDS. It has been proven that a country with lesser % women/girls empowered suffers under development.


Our strategy involves promoting quality education for the girl child as a tool for ending child marriage and advocacy for policy change, cutting across grassroots and political settings to bring about social justice.

Nurturing the self-esteem of women/girls/youths by linking them up with their peers who have recorded success stories in varied fields of life through a forum dupe ‘Bridgers’ Spider Web’ (Learning Partnership) enhanced by impactful social investments.

Deploy sporting activities involving multi-nationals as a channel to unravel the dilemma behind gender inequalities in broader perspectives. #LeaveNoOneBehind.

Engage more women and girls into entrepreneurship, agriculture and leaderships through training and resource mobilization.

Enlighten women on their sexual reproductive health rights and the importance of WASH to their health conditions and that of their children.

When grassroots women get involved and speak out about what their problems are, the solutions are bound to come out without stress. Bridgers gets them on board, we let them prioritize their needs and the challenges faced. This is need based assessment!

Our Team

Azah Jackline C. (General Coordinator)
Manka Carine (Human Rights Department)
Ngoe-Esoe Dolly Ngonde (Comm. & Public Relation)
Qubeline Anga A. (Adm. Assistant)
Meh Augustina (Environmentalist)
Che Lambert Che (Project Officer)
Dana Elena H. (Int. Volunteer in charge of Research)
Lusine Babakanea (Int. Volunteer, Graphics Design)

Board Members

Executive Board

Azah Jackline Chey
Abai Victor Asondo
Aishatu Fabani
Ngoe-Esoe Dolly Ngonde
Barrister Acha Mackleans
Edzenyi Florence

Advisory Board

Fombo Caroline
Rev. Prof. Anyambod E.
Bih Renee
Eric Ogar
Fietsop Mofor
Aliou Mustafa


Thanks so much for visiting our website. I am humbled and most delighted to welcome you to this platform where you are introduced to our Non  Governmental Organization bent on women empowerment through advocacy. To us, Women Empowerment means increasing the power of women socially, economically and emotionally.

Gender based violence has put most women in constant fear yet the Sustainable Development Goals needs to be achieved sooner than later.
From our work in the field, a lot of women/girls cry and testify in the background as being victims of torture and violence thus, needing some form of psycho-social and/or rehabilitation support. And this is what is most lacking. We therefore strongly belief that if women are empowered in every sense of the word, violence against them would obviously be minimize! Through our activities we hopefully envisage a sustainable peaceful world where all humans are equal.

On this basis therefore, I hereby launch a fervent appeal to your heart and conscience to join hands with Bridgers in a synergy to push and mature this vision and mission we embarked on. Be part of the change the world needs. Leave your footprints on the sands of time. #HeForShe. #LeaveNoOneBehind.