Bridgers Association Cameroon


WASH Project

WASH: Hygiene To Save Lives and Money” 

Statement of the Problem/ Challenges we identified in Communities

Today in Cameroon, especially in the southern part of the country, a central issue is water scarcity. Many communities lack  access to clean and good quality water for drinking.

Women are the ones in charge of water-management in most communities. Hence, women and children need to trek long distances in communities to fetch drinking water for their families.

Research and statistics show that several thousand of people die every year as a result of water related ailments.

This lack of access to clean water exposes communities to deseases. Today it begins with diarrheal and then deteriorate into cholera or other deseases.

Access to clean toilets and availability of water in these toilets remain a huge challenge in most communities in Cameroon. Particularly the rural communities consider this as a luxury.

Many schools operate by leaving the pupils, students and the teachers at their own mercy, concerning water and hygiene issues.

Many markets function with no public toilets and where there exist, the hygiene and sanitation conditions are unbearable.

Hand washing practices needs to be taken seriously as it can prevent many desease that can end up deadly, especially for children. The simple act of washing the hands with soap several times a day can prevent this.


With your timely and appropriate support:

Bridgers embarks on a massive sensitization campaign on hand washing with soap.

We are using our volunteers to raise community awareness on the necessity for clean toilets and the economic implications in their lives of negligent attitudes of the ills the WASH program set out to fight.

We wish to provide more boreholes to communities that lack portable water and improve on the hygiene condition of existing water facilities at the grassroots.

We ear-mark rehabilitating every water catchment that does not meet the standard of providing clean and safe drinking water.  We ensure during this process that the planting of water friendly trees is done in collaboration with the locals and the Municipal authorities.

We also welcome gifts and donations of water purification equipment, water supply, borehole pumps, mobile toilet facilities that could help solve the above challenges raised.

We pledge working with community councils, traditional and administrative authorities, school heads and good will personalities such as donors and philanthropists like you to go through these challenges which guarantee the attainment of sustainable development.

You have a role to play!