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Volunteer Opportunities

Bridgers Association Cameroon is recruiting passionate and dynamic volunteers and interns. Bridgers is an active NGO and so receives volunteers all the time. We welcome both national and international volunteers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Bridgers volunteer program is designed in such a way as to welcome volunteers in three categories from within and out of Cameroon: 

1. University Students on Internship. 

2. Recent graduates wishing to acquire efficient working experience or to build careers in civil society and social works. 

3. Persons wishing to offer themselves and their expertise at the service of the community or to help in the development of Bridgers’ resources.

Our volunteers should be ready to work and we assure you that by the end of your stay with us you would have been equipped with holistic skills that meets the challenges of time. Our volunteers should like to work with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Orphans and Street children, Widows, youth programs, Environment, students in  both village and urban settings. We work toward the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). In fact interested volunteers should check Areas of Intervention too. It is always a blend of work plus lot of ambiance as you enjoy discovering the rich touristic aspects of Cameroon found in the beautiful scenery as well as Cameroons sandy beaches, cultural artifacts and museums, other hiding treasures well exploited during weekends.

International volunteers should come with proposed projects wherein we would jointly work and implement within their period of stay in our Organization. We strongly recommend that these proposed projects should be accompanied with appropriate funds to ease the implementation of the project/research as well as their entire stay, such funding could be gotten possibly through fundraising events crowdfunding campaigns and of course we are always ready to support any of such fund raising events any where in the world.

Volunteers have the flexible option to choose their working hours and days, according to their availability and are beckoned to be as flexible as possible in order to make the learning process a pleasant one. In a nutshell, volunteerism can be done onsite as well as online and be assured that this opportunity is a life time experience.


  • Should be humble and hardworking.
  • Ability to wisely take initiative.
  • Have team spirit and communicate with team members.
  • Be inclusive in decision making.
  • Controlled emotions.
  • Ability to trust others and be trusted.

Usually Cameroon is an easy going and friendly Country. However, a volunteer may need an invitation from us to get a travel visa to come to Cameroon and this is so for most first time visitors otherwise we encourage volunteers to check with Cameroon embassies in their countries. Once the volunteers are here in Cameroon, they have to certify their passport and move about with their certified copy while safe keeping the original home.

The entire Bridgers team is usually mobilized to pick the volunteer from the airport. There are two most busy airports in Cameroon Douala International Airport and the Yaounde Nsimaleng Airport and they are good enough for any volunteer to reach us. But we encourage volunteers to use the nearest which is the Yaounde Nsimaleng Airport which is just a few kilometers and less than an hour drive to Bridgers Association Cameroon. However, volunteers are free to make alternative arrangements for airport pickup or dropoff if they can. Volunteers may choose to use public transport services which are common with the yellow taxis or the motor cycles which are also common here in Cameroon. A long taxi drop will cost 250F.CFA (XAF) which is less than half US dollar. And short drop will cost 100F.CFA, same applies for a motor bike.

The concept of volunteerism in itself is a base for self-development and empowerment in various spheres oriented per one’s needs. But this question pulls forth the need to make known the reasons for volunteering, be it in civil society organizations, with the government, or in the private sector the spirit of volunteerism is key to gaining learning experience. Given the rigidity of employment conditions in most institutions demanding work experiences, accompanied with the difficulties which the government faces in implementing its sustainable development projects down to the indigenous groups, coupled with the insufficient efforts of the civil societies outreach to local communities, “givers, contributors and helping hands” must associate to assure the attainment of the sustainable development goals. To build a better future for themselves, to help their communities grow and above all to make the world a better place.

Furthermore, apart from the psycho-social development of the individual and the fact that their support is needed for growth in society, the most impactful and life transforming reason to volunteer is to find one’s purpose. To gain skills and knowledge which solely work experience can build after interacting with people having different perspectives. One’s career can also be ascertained by having work experience in various fields, the ambitious individual will be able to choose among others the best path to follow later, while creating for themselves a strong personality and adopting a sense of social responsibility.

 Above all, Volunteering is an opportunity to support a cause which one cares for and advocates for as being useful to the society. It is a treasurable gift or donation to lend others one’s time

Meet Our Volunteers

Malegho Larissa Ngum Veban hails from Babanki Tungo in the Mezam Division, North West Cameroon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Law from the University of Yaounde II, Soa and is currently pursuing a Master’s program in Law. She is a social activist and she is equally very passionate about advocating for girl’s rights in the society. She is a member of some organisations notably Ladies Empowerment Organisation(LEO) and Beta girls which aim at creating a society where girls work to their full potentials. Also, she has acquired a good number of leadership skills thanks to leadership programs she has attended, one of which was the Girls4Girls Leadership Symposium 2019. She was also privileged to have gained work experience with Bridgers Association Cameroon, a youth led and women Empowerment group. Thanks to Bridgers, she contributed massively in the growth and progress of the organisation by being part of field works, did a lot project writing and developed the organisation’s website.  

Caroline Snow lives in Virginia, USA and had the opportunity to lend her web design skills to Bridgers Association Cameroon and create this website. Working with Bridgers has been a wonderful experience for her, and she is thrilled to volunteer with  such an incredible organization.

CARINE NYIFE GAMBO NKWATOH is a graduate in Economics from the faculty of Social
and Management Sciences in the University of Buea, a diploma holder in Computerized
Accounting from Paul’s Computer Center Buea and currently doing a masters program in
Marketing and Management of Organizations in the University of Yaounde II Soa.

She is a talented, flexible, hardworking and highly motivated young lady. She is very passionate about work, bilingual and is interested in learning new things. She currently works with Bridgers Association Cameroon which advocats for gender equality, and
whose passion is providing the knowledge, empowerment and connecting women and girls with
the right resources and opportunities that can see them thrive and become useful assets for themselves and their communities and aim at attaining the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. She is a volunteer and she thinks this is the best place for her to practice what she studied and also learn so many new things. ‘The journey with Bridgers has been a very fulfilling and enriching one as I have had the chance to think creatively and innovatively bringing change in the society. Under Bridgers Association, I have had the opportunity to write a project titled “The Soa Ginger project” in which I wrote about empowering young single mothers on the cultivation and marketing of ginger and ginger products in Cameroon which will go a long way to give them financial independence, reduce poverty and increase the livelihoods of their families at the end of the project. By so doing we are moving towards achieving the SDGs in our own way.

Habiba Tidjani Geraldine.

A 23 years old university graduate with a Licence in Political Science from the University of Yaoundé II Soa, currently reading a Master’s program in Public Administration (MPA) at the Unicaf University of Zambia. Born from a feminist and activist against GBV mother, She grew up with the wish to help contribute to ending violence against women in her society. She is passionate about impacting on women empowerment through advocacy reasons why she choose Bridgers as this is the organization’s mission. As a volunteer at Bridgers Association Cameroon since September 2019, she has had the opportunity to reinforce and develop new skills in the course of carrying out various campaigns in light of the empowerment of women and the girl child.  


David Altrath,  I felt so happy and satisfied having my African experience in Cameroon as a German volunteering with Bridgers. I felt so comfortable though away from home especially with the warm support from Bridgers management.
It was impactful working on multiple projects and meeting diverse beneficiaries and stakeholders in diverse localities in Cameroon. I learnt lot of new things. Cheers.

Mankah Mafo Ndibe, is a graduate in Public Law from the Faculty of Laws and Political Science of the University of Yaounde II. Currently pursuing a Masters Degree program in International Public Law and Community Law. She is bilingual, flexible and highly motivated, open minded and  a volunteer of a Non-Profit Organisation Bridgers Association Cameroon who aim at attaining the 17 UN SDG’s by 2030 by advocating for gender equality, human rights protection and Reproductive Health Care  Rights ; through their community development projects and training young women with entrepreneurial skills by which women will become leaders  in all aspects of life thus minimizing violence against them and making the world a better place . So far, for her “it has been a very enriching experience as I have learned a lot and made great use of my mind and skills, thinking innovatively and creating impact in the society through your support. More so, as a young African woman, I have found myself daily being able to empower other girls and youths and above all build their capacity economically and socio-culturally”.

At the moment under the banner of Bridgers’ Theory of Change, she is working on the project “How coconut oil can improve the livelihood of Cameroonian women” with the cold pressed method of transformation as such leaving you therefore with one word: “UBUNTU” (I am because we are) You can count on us always to make your day brighter as we yearn to “Empower for Development”.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bridgers Association Cameroon please reach out to us at or click the button below.