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A Call To Volunteer


  • What is Volunteerism? Volunteerism is the practice of providing time and skills for the benefit of other people and causes rather than for financial gains.
  • There are various types of volunteering opportunities which include; fundraising and administration, environmental, children and young people, elderly and disabled, homeless, trustee, International and research. In other words, volunteerism is work done for no remuneration but for a cause resulting from one’s specific interests or job requirements whereby skills, ideas are shared among other persons to achieve specific objectives over a given time.
  • Why volunteer? : The concept of volunteerism in itself is a base for self-development and empowerment in various spheres oriented per one’s needs. But this question pulls forth the need to make known the reasons for volunteering, be it in civil society organizations, with the government, or in the private sector the spirit of volunteerism is key to gaining learning experience.

       Given the rigidity of employment conditions in most institutions demanding work experiences, accompanied with the difficulties which the government faces in implementing its sustainable development projects down to the indigenous groups, coupled with the insufficient efforts of the civil societies outreach to local communities, “givers, contributors and helping hands” must associate to assure the attainment of the sustainable development goals. To build a better future for themselves, to help their communities grow and above all to make the world a better place.

        Furthermore, apart from the psycho-social development of the individual and the fact that their support is needed for growth in society, the most impactful and life transforming reason to volunteer is to find one’s purpose. To gain skills and knowledge which solely work experience can build after interacting with people having different perspectives. One’s career can also be ascertained by having work experience in various fields, the ambitious individual will be able to choose among others the best path to follow later, while creating for themselves a strong personality and adopting a sense of social responsibility.

      Above all, Volunteering is an opportunity to support a cause which one cares for and advocates for as being useful to the society. It is a treasurable gift or donation to lend others one’s time.

  • What are the Benefits Of Volunteerism:

    Being a million dollar question on the minds of many, as earlier said, volunteering is not remunerated or for money making. But it has guaranteed benefits in the long and short run. Such benefits include; the establishment of life-long networking links, inter personal relationships, industry-related skills, team spirit, leadership, problem solving and adaptability, communication skills, the ability to plan and prioritise work, sales skills, and time management. Volunteering is also an opportunity to impress an administrator for an aspiring job placement and above all build competences in various domains especially one’s self-esteem.

  • The Personality Traits Characterizing a Good Volunteer.

– A good volunteer in whatever sector of activity has to be first and foremost passionate about his or her activities and contributions.

– Secondly, he/she should uphold a set of values and be endowed with leadership qualities such as honesty, integrity, decision making capabilities, accountability, empowerment, creativity and innovation. All these qualities make the volunteer “flexible” and an achiever in his endeavours.

-Thirdly, an aspiring volunteer or a volunteer should be self-motivated as this is essential to make the learning process an enjoyable one and encourage his or her collaborators to help in the attainment of their set goals.

-Also, a volunteer should be reliable; there is nothing worse than depending on someone to do something and then having them fall through on their commitment.

-Team player; having team spirit is essential for good communication and collaboration among volunteers and their leaders, stakeholders and other partners.

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