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Volunteer Opportunities

Bridgers Association Cameroon is recruiting passionate and dynamic Volunteers/Interns. Bridgers is an active NGO and so receives volunteers all the times. We welcome both national and International Volunteers. We are Innovative and ready to welcome new persons with new ideas. We give you the chance to develop your career.

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Bridgers volunteer program is designed in such a way as to welcome volunteers in three categories from within and out of Cameroon: 

  1. University Students on Internship.
  2. Recent graduates wishing to acquire efficient working experience or to build careers in civil society and social works.
  3. Persons wishing to offer themselves and their expertise at the service of the community or to help in the development of Bridgers’ resources.

Our volunteers should be ready to work and we assure you that by the end of your stay with us you would have been equipped with holistic skills that meets the challenges of time. Our volunteers should like to work with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), Orphans and Street children, Widows, youth programs, Environment, students in  both village and urban settings. We work toward the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). In fact interested volunteers should check Areas of Intervention too. It is always a blend of work plus lot of ambiance as you enjoy discovering the rich touristic aspects of Cameroon found in the beautiful scenery as well as Cameroons sandy beaches, cultural artifacts and museums, other hiding treasures well exploited during weekends.

N.B: International volunteers should come with proposed projects wherein we would jointly work and implement within their period of stay in our Organization. We strongly recommend that these proposed projects should be accompanied with appropriate funds to ease the implementation of the project/research as well as their entire stay, such funding could be gotten possibly through fundraising events crowdfunding campaigns and of course we are always ready to support any of such fund raising events any where in the world.


FLEXIBLE Program: Volunteers have the flexible option to choose their working hours and days, according to their availability and are beckoned to be as flexible as possible in order to make the learning process a pleasant one. In a nutshell, volunteerism can be done onsite as well as online and be assured that this opportunity is a life time experience.

What are the Volunteer Quality Values Expected?

  • Should be humble and hardworking.
  • Ability to wisely take initiative.
  • Have team spirit and communicate with team members.
  • Be inclusive in decision making.
  • Controlled emotions.
  • Ability to trust others and be trusted.Usually Cameroon is an easy going and friendly Country. However, a volunteer may need an invitation from us to get a travel visa to come to Cameroon and this is so for most first time visitors otherwise we encourage volunteers to check with Cameroon embassies in their countries. Once the volunteers are here in Cameroon, they have to certify their passport and move about with their certified copy while safe keeping the original home.
    The entire Bridgers team is usually mobilized to pick the volunteer from the airport. There are two most busy airports in Cameroon Douala International Airport and the Yaounde Nsimaleng Airport and they are good enough for any volunteer to reach us. But we encourage volunteers to use the nearest which is the Yaounde Nsimaleng Airport which is just a few kilometers and less than an hour drive to Bridgers Association Cameroon. However, volunteers are free to make alternative arrangements for airport pickup or dropoff if they can.
    Volunteers may choose to use public transport services which are common with the yellow taxis or the motor cycles which are also common here in Cameroon. A long taxi drop will cost 250F.CFA (XAF) which is less than half US dollar. And short drop will cost 100F.CFA, same applies for a motor bike.

If you feel that we just described you and you are motivated to work with us, just get in touch with us via “” and tell us about youself.

Yours Sincerely,

Azah Jackline Chey

Co-Founder and Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon

Having approved your interest in joining our team in Cameroon soon, we are so excited to receive you and start working with you. You will meet a very passionate and interesting people working with and above all you will also discover a collaborative and happy set of beneficiaries be it in schools during our school campaigns and the communities as well. Cheers!