The Bridgers Farms: Agriculture for Sustainable Development

Tree Nursery at The Bridgers Farms

This project is an ongoing agricultural scheme which involves the cultivation of food crops such as plantains; cassava; as well as economic trees including cocoa; avocado; pineapple; mango; plum; guava; tangerine; coconut; soursop; oranges; moringa as well as sugar cane.

A contribution to sustainable food systems in Cameroon

Pineapple Treatment in The Bridgers Farms

The goal of this agricultural scheme is to realize a resource farm containing the above mentioned crops and trees that will for all times serve as an avenue for training vulnerable women and agric students in Cameroon on sustainable large scale agriculture. This farm shall equally serve as seeds bank for such beneficiary women to enable them establish their own individual farms for their economic empowerment. Part of the profits from the sales will be used to support vulnerable children as scholarships in school. 

The Bridgers Farms provides adequate space for tree nurseries, some of the economic trees already nursed in this farm will be planted in different school milieus accompanied by environmental education lessons passed on to the pupils and students of the beneficiary schools within the Center Region of Cameroon. In addition, the proceeds that will be realized from this farm shall go a long way to ensure the sustainability of the activities of our Organization and subsequent reinvestment in to the farm.

Preparing harvested tomatoes for the market

Call to Action

So far, the vast farm land has been acquired; the plantain; cassava, pineapple and economic trees planted, however, to maximize crop survival and output/harvest, there is the need to install an irrigation system in this farm to ensure that crops have enough water and prevent the effects of drought, and most importantly, soil friendly fertilizers and pesticides are permanently required.

To prevent post-harvest losses, we intent to put in place solar dryers and other machinery for cassava and plantain transformation.

There is equally the need for workers to be deployed to take care of the crops as they grow.

Both human and financial resources are required to carry out environmental education in schools involving the planting of economic trees. We intend to gain a larger market by exporting both natural and transformed plantains/cassava (plantain chips and cassava flour) to countries within Africa and beyond.

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