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Support IDPs in Cameroon

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Cameroon face many challenges. IDPs  are spread in many parts of Cameroon today as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which has seen people in their thousands unwillingly leave their places of habitual residence to other towns and cities for safety.

Bridgers Association Cameroon as part of its humanitarian and solidarity principle has been identifying and working with some of these IDPs to find relief and comfort to them in the form of material/psycho-social and moral assistance.

They do not only need food, water, toiletries, medical care etc but they equally need psycho-social and economic empowerment in the most part.

Because of their desperate and vulnerable situation in these cities, most young girls and women are presently being sexually violated by opportunists in exchange of basic needs.

Please your donation will put a smile on the faces of these IDPs.

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