Bridgers Association Cameroon


Support Disabled Persons

Disability is a human right issue as such the protection and promotion of the rights of the disabled in every society today is central and remains very challenging in all dimensions.

Though entitled to the same rights as all other human beings and to equal opportunities, most often the lives of  handicapped not only physically but also socially, which hamper their full participation.

img-20161118-wa0010It is therefore realized that disability still remains a grounds for exclusion, isolation, abuse and discrimination in the socio-economic sphere, even in cases where the disabled are skilled, their full protection and integration still remain difficult if not impossible.

Consequently, millions of children and adults in all parts of the world often face a life that is segregated and debased. It is on the strength of this that we at Bridgers Association Cameroon decided to advocate and seek solutions to the problems faced by the physically challenged/disabled persons in Cameroon.

At all moments this category of persons are in constant need of support of all sorts. They need material items such as walking/mobility aids (wheel chairs, white cane,disability shoes such as those used by Johnson in the picture above as well as crushes), auditory gadgets, ICT tools adapted to their needs such as computers for the blind etc. Financial support to establish small businesses to guarantee their financial autonomy and sustainability. Scholarship for the disabled, clothing, shelter,  etc … come, you are welcome.

Your effort will always be a great contribution in the life of disabled people as you may just be taking them off the streets where some sit and beg and being public nuisance.

Download the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities