Bridgers Association Cameroon



At Bridgers Association Cameroon, the child occupies a central position, this is so because the child is one of the vulnerable group of persons we advocate for their protection.

The Child will suffer unjustly most often than not if not well treated by the society. It is on the above basis that we at Bridgers in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders commit ourselves to carrying out capacity building workshops and seminars aim at sensitizing both the children, parents and the community in general on the need to treat children as children making sure the enjoy what they deserve in order to grow as responsible members of the society. Reason why we run a Counseling unit in our Organization with focus on promoting the reading culture in Cameroon and the need for excellent results at exams.

We are always ready to carryout projects/joint projects aimed at advancing the rights of the child.We coordinate and carry out charitable donations to vulnerable children and other groups of persons.We are seeking and soliciting donations of any kind from good will donors and philanthropists out there for vulnerable persons. Your donations could be financial, materials  (books, walking aids and others for disabled persons, drugs for the rural poor children and Orphans as well as the aging people etc).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our work and wish we work together.