Stop early marriage

Stop Early/Forced/Child Marriage!

Child Marriage is the cause of varied forms of domestic violence

Child Marriage Leads to Child Trafficking

Child Marriage promotes Child Labour

Child Marriage causes mother and infant mortality

Child Marriage causes obstetric fistula in young girls

Child marriage depicts curtailed education for children especially the girl child

AZAH Jackline CHEY; General Coordinator of Bridgers Association Cameroon carried out an in depth research on the laws {both national and International} relating to Child Marriage which constitutes her Masters Degree (LL.M) Dissertation titled: “The Justice System and Early Child Marriage in Cameroon.” Thus, she has the necessary knowledge and expertise to work on this topic. 

During her research, she identified many potential projects which are to be realised by Bridgers Association Cameroon in the domain of ending child marriage as well as rehabilitating the victims of this barbaric slavery in the name of marriage which have many negative consequences.

Peruse her full dissertation Here

Fighting to end child marriage is fighting a noble cause that procures the futures of victims and their offspring/ generations yet to come.

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