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Funded by a German Foundation called Becker/Cordes Stiftung, this project is being implemented by Bridgers Association Cameroon in five Secondary and High Schools in Yaounde Cameroon from the 15 of January 2020 to the 15 of March 2020.


This project is aligned with the goals set in the Cameroon operational plan for family planning 2015-2020; increase contraceptive prevalence among women of childbearing age from 16.1% to 30%, reduce the unmet need rate from 17% to 10%, to reduce the prevalence of teenage pregnancies aged 15 to 19 from 25.2% to 12.5%, increase contraceptive prevalence among adolescents aged 15 to 19 from 12.1% to 29%. To solve the above-mentioned problem, we will aim at giving educative talks on the effective use of all contraceptive measures and prevention of HIV/AIDS in 5 high schools from the 15 January 2020 – 15 March 2020 with a goal of reaching out to at least 300 young girls/women in the town of Yaoundé. This project will work towards making young girls to be capable of asserting their reproductive rights; able to realize they have total control over their bodies to choose when and how many children they are willing to have thereby empowering them. This project aims at serving as an eye opener for first-timers or an encouragement for those already aware, that the possibility for women to control their body means they have a greater opportunity to be ambitious; go to school, build a career and attain financial stability as they will no longer see their roles as mothers but also as contributors to the development of the society. They will no longer be forced to be ‘stay at home wives’ if they don’t want to because of an unintended pregnancy while the fathers of these babies are free to attend school, thus, reducing gender-based inequalities. This project drives towards impacting on the topic of sexual reproductive health in our society less taboo as youths will have access to the right information and will be able to ask questions as well as learn about the facilities put in place both by the government and the civil society so as to have continuous access to contraceptives as well as medical advice. By sensitizing sexually active youths (both boys and girls) on the risks of unsafe sex, we intended to help produce future responsible adults.


The main goal of this project is to empower at least 300 young girls/women in 5 high schools in Yaoundé and advocate for their sexual reproductive health rights by raising awareness on the effective use of contraceptive measures, thereby fostering the attainment of UN Agenda 2030 of the Sustainable Developments Goals 1, 3, 4 and 5.


  • To raise awareness on the effective use of contraceptive methods among a minimum of 300 girls/women in 5 schools in Yaoundé.
  • Prevent unintended pregnancies.
  • Avoid child-birth related complications which may lead to death.
  • Secure continuous education.
  • Reduce poverty and provide a better future for them.

Read the project PowerPoint Material: PPT Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights Campaign 


Wednesday 5 February 2020, Bridgers Association Cameroon continues with our project on educating youth on their sexual reproductive health care and rights. This time around our beneficiaries were the High School students of New Century Institute of Learning Nkolfoulou Yaounde, Cameroon. We reached out to close to 100 students directly this time around. 

So far, on January 15, 2020 we were at Christian Comprehensive Secondary School (CCSS) Nkolmbong Etoudi Yaounde Cameroon where we organised a talk with over 200 High School Girls and Boys on this project.  

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