Bridgers Association Cameroon



As a people friendly Organization that aims at bringing development to women through the eradication of poverty and  advocating gender equality, we maintain and practice an open door policy.

It is in this vain that we solicit your assistance through our desire to partner with you as relevant stakeholders. In human development there no limitation. Your contribution can never be measured as small, we are ready to collaborate with both National and International partners of all categories.

What would be the advantages of partnering with Bridgers Association Cameroon?

  1. We shall be able to share our good practices;
  2. We shall share our experiences;
  3. We could as well share some necessary resources for our beneficiaries interest;
  4. We build on our diversity a strong link through which the resultant effect is community development.
  5. Etc etc.

Partner  NGO’s in Cameroon