Bridgers Association Cameroon


Labour Day 2019


Bridgers Association Cameroon wishes everyone a Happy Labour-Day 2019!

We want to take this occasion to remind you that we still have a long road ahead of us until we reach the goal of equal opportunities and Gender Balance within the labour-market for men and women here in Cameroon.

You might say, but this is not only a Cameroonian problem but a global one. And this is true. But let us show you why this topic particularly rampant here in Cameroon:

Women’s access to the labour-market and to financial resources is highly restricted, compared to men.

Proportion of the population declaring it is not acceptable for a woman in their family to work outside home for a pay: 14 %

Share of managers (male): 90%

Share of account holders (male): 58%



In fact, women’s labour force participation is high in Cameroon and beside being in charge of the household and raising children, they contribute to the household’s income. Yet, their work is undervalued and perceived as supplementing the income of the husband, regardless of the actual content of the work (or income).  (source:

Furthermore, women often face difficulties in obtaining jobs as they are seen as the weaker sex and not as capable as a man.

They are disadvantaged because they have a double burden: Beside seeking higher education or higher positions on the job-market, they still have to manage the household and the raising of the children by themselves, most often.

There is a general mistrust against highly educated women, who managed to get into a higher positions: Very often women are belived to use their sexuality to get into high positions instead of getting their by hard work.

Bridgers Association Cameroon demand that this mindset has to change!

Unfortunately, many men in leading positions abuse their position and force women, who might not see any other way to support their children or improve their miserable living-conditions, to engage with them sexually.

Bridgers Association Cameroon calls to stop this is gender-based violence in the labour-market immediately!