International Day of the Girl

A report on the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, 2019.

The International Day of the Girl Child is annually celebrated on the 11th October. This day was enshrined by the United Nations general assembly on the 19th December 2011 according to its resolution 66/170. This day was set aside so as to empower the girl child with knowledge to continue to voice out their concerns and passions. This year, under the theme “Girlforce: Unscripted and Unstoppable”, we celebrate girl’s achievements all over the world. To commemorate this great occasion, Bridgers Association Cameroon sensitized the girls of Ayungha Bilingual College and Success International College, Yaounde. We equally carried out a series of online campaigns on all our social media platforms to create awareness and recognize girls’ rights as well as the unique challenges girls face all over the world.

On Wednesday 9th October 2019, Bridgers Association Cameroon set foot in Ayungha Bilingual College and made its impact felt once more. A great number of talks delivered to the students centered around education. In the course of these talks, girls were encouraged to breakthrough any gender stereotypes and barriers posed by the society and pursue their dreams. Also, the aspect of early child marriage was castigated and the importance of girl education was emphasized.

Also, on Friday 11th October 2019, Bridgers team made their way to Success International College to mark this great day. Talks were delivered to the girls both in English and French, encouraging the students to dream big, work to their full potential and embrace all professions irrespective of their gender. The students received the message with a lot of enthusiasm and we had meaningful exchanges. This talk was punctuated by an interesting activity. Each girl was asked to write down her aspirations on a piece of paper and later on fly them. This was done thanks to the brilliant initiative given to us by one of our partners, «Girls Not Brides». The girls had great dreams and visions which was quite impressive. Indeed it was a great one! Together let us support and nurture the girl child in achieving her dreams.