Bridgers Association Cameroon

Economic Empowerment
Poultry Farming
Supporting People in Need
Our Charity & Solidarity Mandate
Impactful Mentorship for Leadership
Quality Education

Through the Menstrual Cup Project, The Bridgers are impacting the lives of young and vulnerable girls/women and sustaining the environment in Cameroon. By teaching beneficiaries proper menstrual education and introducing as well as distributing Menstrual Cups and Reusable Pads as a sustainable way of menstrual hygiene management, The Bridgers are fighting menstrual poverty in Cameroon.  

Through our Volunteerism program, we have trained more than 204 youths in our Organization as volunteers both onsite and online. We have so far had volunteers from five continents: Europe, Middle East, North America, South America and Africa. Our program is ongoing and has so far been carried out in 13 educational institutions where we have mentored and motivated more than 8000 students and youths.
By teaching and creating awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we have caused more than 500 young people to build careers around the Global Goals since March 2018.
We have successfully carried sexual reproductive health awareness in 9 schools, 7 communities, touching on issues of menstrual hygiene education, the proper use of contraceptives (condoms) for safer sex especially for girls and young women, HIV/AIDS awareness campaign.
Bridgers has been promoting environmental education in schools and communities and successfully initiated the planting of trees in two schools in the South West and North West Regions of Cameroon.
We have successfully provided seed capital to 15 youths through our Mentorship and Rotating Fund Scheme for economic empowerment. And there are many more potential beneficiaries looking up to us.
Bridgers has sensitized over 18 communities on issues of gender based violence (GBV) with focus on Child Marriage, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Breast Ironing, Domestic and Sexual Violence.
We have provided charitable support to countless orphans through basic support and school needs provision since 2013. We have provided financial and material support to widows giving them high yielding seedlings for sustainable agriculture to improve their livelihoods and financial autonomy.
Bridgers as a pro-active organization runs many campaigns online for awareness raising purposes, education and information reaching out to thousands of people and followers especially through our social media channels.