Bridgers Association Cameroon


Since 2013, Bridgers Association Cameroon has impacted directly and indirectly over 500,000 lives globally.

We have so far achieved this through advocacy revolving around our key programs which include: Women and Entrepreneurship; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH); Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights; Climate Smart Agriculture; Environmental Education; and Quality Education for the Girl Child.


COVID-19: To minimize the spread of the Corona virus in Cameroon, Bridgers Association Cameroon is actively involved in sensitization of the population on the barrier measures and distribution of preventive kits within both rural and urban communities as well as in schools, thanks to donors and volunteers.

The Anglophone Crisis: Following the escalation of the Anglophone Crisis that has let to the displacement of many families from their homes, Bridgers Association Cameroon in partnership with donors  is granting relief to many of these victims through humanitarian donations and providing psycho-social support.