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Happy Holidays: Orphans

‘Happy holidays’ is Bridgers program designed for orphans and other underprivileged children to come together each summer holidays for leisure.

Bridgers is committed to promoting children’s right to leisure as enshrined in the UN International Convention on the Right of the Child 1989 and others. From this point, we therefore see that the child’s right to leisure is not ordinary but a well protected right.

It is on the above basis that we in Bridgers Association Cameroon decided in our commitment to promote the rights of children came up with the initiative of having a program dedicated to orphans and other underprivileged children during summer holidays wherein these children are taken on a guided tour to some selected leisure Parks and Avenues for one whole week. Before the close of the program, Bridgers organizes a Capacity building workshop for the beneficiaries of this program.

Bridgers Association Cameroon is delighted to have you donate generously to this cause or propose an activity or a venue for the happiness of the underprivileged in our society.

You may contact us at:          Tel: (+237) 674662893 / 677334678

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Project Outcome

It is expected that at the end of this programs each year, the children go home refreshed and ready to face life with optimism having been mentored and challenged with the desire to concentrate in whatever activity they are carrying out for their future, also, they go home happily with their gifts and very new ideas.

These children go back better equipped morally and socially than they were thanks to the Bible lessons and other life experience activities shared through the join games and other social activities including meals shared with the members of Bridgers and Partners.

This is made possible especially for the fact that the focus of the capacity building workshop is to redirect/refocus the beneficiary’s minds on positive moves/actions, making sure they assert that being an orphan or disabled does not make one an outcast or a failure in life. Rather if we build their morals, they can become even better persons in the society if well nurtured.