Bridgers Association Cameroon



To be a good citizen, we consider the following as key-qualities, which we try to promote:

  • Be empathic and respect others feelings
  • Think about the impact of your own actions on others
  • Be humble and willing to share, especially with those who are in need
  • Respects others opinions and values (To not be arrogant and impose ones own opinion on to someone elses)
  • Be obedient to the law
  • Be informed by reading notices, newspaper and listening to the radio as well as reading books, and thus not spread false news)
  • Engage in service of community work
  • Protect and helps the weak and the poor (For example, to help children, the handicapped and the old people to cross roads, gives directions to strangers who need help)
  • Be kind to yourself as well as to others
  • Reflect your own actions and those of others
  • Be able to take another persons position or point of view