Bridgers Association Cameroon


Girls Daring Technology

While some think that some fields of studies and work are only for men, we, at Bridgers Association Cameroon, categorically challenge this school of thought. That’s why we hold firmly and support young girls and women in the field of TECHNOLOGY.

Through our Advocacy Center Against Child Marriage (ACAChiMa), we Harness and Valorize Potentials in Female Folks Towards Poverty Alleviation;

We Instill the Spirit of Self Determination and Confidence in Girls and Women by Encouraging Hard Work for Sustainable Development.

We are planning and sourcing funding to set up a computer Center wherein this young girls and women especially the less privilege will be the beneficiaries of computer knowledge free of charge.

‘We believe that Education is power and as such, it is the first step to poverty alleviation.’

Thank you for understanding but if you are in a haste to get information from us relating to this particular aspects of women empowerment then do not hesitate to contact us using our contact page addresses.

To fund/support a technology project click this link and go through our project: