Bridgers Association Cameroon


Bridgers Association Cameroon will in the upcoming days be implementing a project in the East Region of Cameroon. This Project is funded by World Connect of the USA. 

The project will empower Indigenous Baka Pygmy women into climate smart agriculture. We will train these women into the cultivation of vegetables and the growing of fruit trees for both environmental and economic purposes. We shall bring out the power of organic manure.

Thus we invite you to follow us, support us, partner with us and donate to this project, by so doing you become part of the project. 

But who are these Indigenous Baka Pygmies? We shall in the course of this project bring highlights of their history and alot more about them. 

They are a real group of people needing concrete empowerment in every sense of this sentence. During our visits to this area, we discovered a lot which attracts our attention and we know it will appeal to your consciences too as a human being.

Do good to those who need it most!!!