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Fund a Project

Happy Holiday Orphans

We at Bridgers Association Cameroon came up with the initiative of having a program dedicated to orphans and other underprivileged children during summer holidays wherein these children are taken on a guided tour to some selected leisure Parks and Avenues for one whole week. 

Bridgers organizes a Capacity building workshop for the beneficiaries of this program. It is expected that at the end of this programs each year, the children go home refreshed and ready to face life with optimism having been mentored and challenged with the desire to concentrate in whatever activity they are carrying out for their future, also, they go home happily with their gifts and very new ideas.

These children go back better equipped morally and socially than they were thanks to the Bible lessons and other life experience activities shared through the join games and other social activities including meals shared with the members of Bridgers and Partners.

This is made possible especially for the fact that the focus of the capacity building workshop is to redirect/refocus the beneficiary’s minds on positive moves/actions, making sure they assert that being an orphan or disabled does not make one an outcast or a failure in life. Rather if we build their morals, they can become even better persons in the society if well nurtured.

Computer Lab for the Underprivileged

Bridgers Association Cameroon plans to establish a computer lab which will be made up of a good number of office equipment such as laptops; desktops; photocopier; Internet modem; printer; and staplers.This lab will be meant to train young girls/women in the skills of office automation and book keeping.

This project intends that girls/women should have skills to enable them to gain employment, carryout online studies/research to better their live situations. Training will be will done by two hired professionals and will be handling a group of 30 beneficiaries per session. Each batch of beneficiaries will get 3 months of intense training that runs five days per week tuition free.

Upon completion of their programs, beneficiaries will be awarded certificates to testify to skills acquired. With such an initiative therefore, girls/women in my community will gain access to basic reading and writing skills and the world of computer technology, giving them a lee way to subsequent employment and or further education in any field of study that they may be interested in. 

With girls/women being empowered in computing, it will go a long way to minimize the gender gap between men and women in this domain. In order to ensure the continuation of this project, the doors of the computer lab will also be open to the general public, so those who could afford the fees will be enrolled in the establishment so that the fees they pay will be passed on for the acquisition, maintenance, and repairs of equipment 

Fighting Unemployment

We have an ongoing project which aims to eliminate unemployment in Cameroon and increase their chances on the job-market. On the 30.04.2019, we launched the first step of this project. The secondary school Ayunghah High School in Ngousso was delighted to be the first school, hosting our project.  We reached out to more than 600 students and instructed them on the importance of internships and the concept of volunteering.

The Labour-market in Cameroon is highly competitive and marked by a high unemployment rate. Many young people remain jobless after their graduation. Beside a good education, most employers demand working-experience and practical expertise. This is where many young people fail: they think they can only get that experience and skills through paid labour/jobs, which they don’t succeed in getting because they lack skills and experience. But there are other ways of attaining working experiences which will increase their chances on the labour market: To do internships and engage in volunteering.

Many young people do not consider unpaid work and do not realize the importance of practical skills and the great opportunity they miss out.  University Diplomas and Certificates are important, but they are limited and mostly teach theoretical and somehow abstract knowledge.

From a small survey that we conducted, only 17% of the students (mostly older ones) have engaged in volunteering or internships (in total 15 students out of 75 have done internships/volunteering.  Female: 8 out of 42; Male: 7 out of 33). While doing internships and volunteering, one can get insights and learn about the structure and functioning of an enterprise/institution. Engaging in community-work, volunteering in NGO-work, allows one to learn a bride scope of social and professional skills and become more confident and an asset to the world.

Another issue is that very often young people are not taught much while doing internships and mostly end up doing photocopies, buying snacks or doing other minor work which do not teach them skills. Some youths argue that they end up wasting valuable time. Bridgers Association Cameroon encourage young people to insist on learning, to be daring and courageous. To not sit and wait but take initiative and claim their right to learn and take over responsibility.

This is an ongoing project which shall be taken to more secondary schools and Universities to reach the wider public. Bridgers Association Cameroon is strategizing to work on this project for the next 5 years and we shall together evaluate the results

Support Internally Displaced Persons

Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Cameroon face many challenges. IDPs  are spread in many parts of Cameroon today as a result of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which has seen people in their thousands unwillingly leave their places of habitual residence to other towns and cities for safety.

Bridgers Association Cameroon as part of its humanitarian and solidarity principle has been identifying and working with some of these IDPs to find relief and comfort to them in the form of material/psycho-social and moral assistance.

They do not only need food, water, toiletries, medical care etc but they equally need psycho-social and economic empowerment in the most part.

Because of their desperate and vulnerable situation in these cities, most young girls and women are presently being sexually violated by opportunists in exchange of basic needs.

Bridgers open its doors to funders. We accept donors and funders to propose and fund a project in our Organization. We are an  innovative and flexible people friendly organization. At Bridgers Association Cameroon, the child occupies a central position, this is so because the child is one of the vulnerable group of persons we advocate for their protection.

The Child will suffer unjustly most often than not if not well treated by the society. It is on the above basis that we at Bridgers in collaboration with other relevant stakeholders commit ourselves to carrying out capacity building workshops and seminars aim at sensitizing both the children, parents and the community in general on the need to treat children as children making sure the enjoy what they deserve in order to grow as responsible members of the society. Reason why we run a Counseling unit in our Organization with focus on promoting the reading culture in Cameroon and the need for excellent results at exams.

We are always ready to carryout projects/joint projects aimed at advancing the rights of the child.We coordinate and carry out charitable donations to vulnerable children and other groups of persons.We are seeking and soliciting donations of any kind from good will donors and philanthropists out there for vulnerable persons. Your donations could be financial, materials  (books, walking aids and others for disabled persons, drugs for the rural poor children and Orphans as well as the aging people etc).

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in our work and wish we work together.

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We appreciate and accept equipment of all types as well as movables that facilitate our work in the field. Our beneficiaries are at the center of our work.

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Bridgers Association Cameroon now accept donations through CRYPTO CURRENCIES. 

Our Blockchain address for Bitcoin is: 1CBMkNbffq8cu7ci66so8G1d229PYtnKZM