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Climate change happens to be one of the main crises faced in our society today and the world at large. Tree planting is a key and important strategy of combating climate change, Bridgers Association Cameroon has adopted this concept and is currently working and soliciting support nationally and internationally, to embark on planting 15,000 trees in Cameroon in five regions within the next 3 years.

In this venture, Bridgers aims to plant amongst other trees fruit trees which have multiple effects to the beneficiaries and the environment as well.

We look forward to encourage through training and building the capacities of local beneficiaries in our communities on the planting of Non Timber Forest Products which are of very high demand in the market. These NTFP and fruit trees on maturity will not only serve environmental purpose but will go a long way to improve on the livelihoods to the beneficiary individually and communities.

Augustina Meh Fresh from the United States of America where she worked on environmental restoration with Earth Corps, she believes tree planting/reforestation is one of the best and major solutions to climate change. With her knowledge and skills, we are confident about attaining our goal of tree planting.

She is using her experience and knowledge to provide solutions to global environmental challenges for a more sustainable world.

We invite Local Councils to join Bridgers in this venture.

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