Bridgers Association Cameroon


Bringing Girls/Women Closer To Computer World

Following the project “Bringing Girls/Women Closer To Computer World” Bridgers Association Cameroon plans to establish a computer lab which will be made up of a good number of office equipment such as laptops; desktops; photocopier; Internet modem; printer; and staplers.This lab will be meant to train young girls/women in the skills of office automation and book keeping.

The beneficiaries of this project will be girls/women who are underprivileged, they will be taught basic skills of how to read and write accompanied by computer skills for those who are completely illiterate and for those who are at least literate they will augment their reading and writing skills before going into their computer studies as well.

This project therefore intends that girls/women should have skills to enable them gain employment; carryout online studies/research to better their live situations. These training will be done in two sessions: morning and evening sessions to encourage beneficiaries to attend conveniently. It be will done by two hired professionals so as to maximize results and they shall be handling a group of 30 beneficiaries per session. Each batch of beneficiaries will get 3 months of intense training that runs five days per week tuition free.

Upon completion of their programs, beneficiaries will be awarded certificates to testify to skills acquired. With such an initiative therefore, girls/ women in my community will gain access to basic reading and writing skills and the world of computer technology, giving them a lee way to subsequent employment and or further education in any field of study that they may be interested in. Just by occupying themselves with such an activity these girls/women stay away from trouble as it is often said “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

With girls/women being empowered in computing, it will go a long way to minimize the gender parity between men and women in this domain. In order to ensure the continuation of this project, the doors of the said computer lab will also be open to the general public, this implies that those who could afford the fees for this form of training will also be enrolled in the establishment so that the fees they pay will be passed on for the maintenance/repairs/acquisition of equipment in case it gets bad and the payment of rents and motivation to the trainers. Some outstanding previous beneficiaries will also be required to render their services for some time to the next set of beneficiaries upon graduation.