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What is the Role for Young People in Human Rights Promotion?

Organised in Buea recently by Youth Partnership at PAID WA, this Human Rights Conference that came on the hills of 70 Years celebration of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Prof. Uwem Essia (Director of Pan African Institute) delivered the Keynote Address. Theme of this conference was: Transforming the Future of Human Rights in Cameroon: Role of Young People.

Bridgers Association Cameroon as an active nonprofit and human development Organization with a Human Rights arm was part of this event.

What is the Role for Young People in Human Rights Promotion?

The conference participants including the panelists and moderator were wonderful in the discussion. The Lessons drawn were great.

The role of various Stakeholders in Human Rights Promotion was outlined during group-working sessions and during the general discussions. The discusions included the role of different topics, such as:

Briefly put, young people should and must strive to receive human rights education, they should get involve and intrinsically and integrally be motivated on human rights activities. Motivation here should not only be for money but for commitment and love for the advancement of our community. This is the only way we can enhance the society we live in.

For no society can develop if the respect of human rights is not considered paramount.

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