Bridgers Association Cameroon


The Book and Copy-right Day 2019


We, Bridgers Association Cameroon, want to take this day as an opportunity to encourage young people to take another look into the dusty bookshelf at home or take a walk into the nearest bookshop. Take a book of your choice, and start reading- we promise, you will not regret it!

Bridgers wants to encourage parents to turn off the TV at home and instead give their children some good books into their hands to read.

In the fast-living society that we live in, social media and television dominate the day today life of many people. Children and youth easily get used to this kind of overstimulation, which can cause stress and difficulties to concentrate and focus.

The importance of reading books is not only about knowledge-accumulation. It is far more than that. Books reveal hidden treasures. They take your mind to places you would never have imagined. You are the creator of your own colourful universe you can dive in, while words wing your imagination towards new horizons. You discover alternative and different worlds, tremendous life-stories that can inspire and nurture you, you will meet characters to whom you connect strongly and whom become very dear to your heart.

And at the same time– you learn. You learn about other people’s perspectives and intentions, you learn about historic events, about some distant far away-places, about politics and possible future-horizons.

By reading about what others have achieved, you can be encouraged. By reading about what other people have gone through, you can find new strength and learn that you are not alone. By reading about other cultures and customs, you can widen you own horizon.

Ones, you are used to reading novels and fairy tales as a child and adolescent, it will not be difficult for you to keep going with that pathway in school and universities and thus keep up with the work-load on reading and even go beyond it. Reading will be a part of you, and you will enjoy it.

We, Bridger’s Association Cameroon, have an ongoing project that promotes a “Reading Culture” as a major strategy to get a well-grounded and qualitative education that empowers young people and helps them to find jobs. The Project is called “Quality Education for Girls”.

Read more about it by following this link : and get back to us if you are interested in supporting us in whatever way.