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Bridgers Association Cameroon was hatched from an embittered and miserable life experience/story of its co-founder Azah Jackline Chey who grew as a miserable orphan after loosing her Father at the age of 7 years. Jackline actually struggled to raise herself as a minor not because her Father died living behind no inheritance but because she was considered less important by her step brothers simply because she was a girl child. What kept her going was the fact that she kept being persistent in attaining higher education her anxiety and low self confidence not withstanding. Today she stands to nurture the esteems of young girls and women to realize their full potentials. Thanks to her life experiences and story, she inspired hope and motivation for the decision to create a nongovernmental, nonprofit Civil Society Association that was to champion the empowerment of women to stand against any form of gender based violence and promote human and community development. All these to work towards achieving Agenda 2030 on the Sustainable development Goals.

Today, Bridgers Association Cameroon is creating a positive impact in the life of thousands of beneficiaries across the globe. Azah (LLM) is a mighty symbol against discrimination and gender based violence. 

Follow this link to read Jackline’s full story:

Bridgers is always ready to partner and work with others in good faith to achieve results that advance not only the female folk but humanity in general.

Our Projects

“Our passion is in providing the knowledge and connecting women and girls with the right resources and opportunities that can see them thrive and become useful assets for themselves and their communities.”